# Preparations & Principles of Holistic Prophylaxing

# Medicines and herbs to be stocked

# Homeopathic Medicines:

A few stores selling reliable homeopathic products in India:

Homeopathic Medicines
Arsenic Album 30 C (also called Arsalb 30)
Arsenic Album 200 C (also called Arsalb 200)
Camphor 1M Rhus Tox 200 Bryonia 200
Q Aspidosperma

# Equipment for self-care / treatment:

Equipment for self-care / treatment Resources
Enema can / kit - Yoga Bliss (opens new window): A possible store
Neti pot (Jal Neti / Nasal wash can) - Yoga Bliss (opens new window)
Hand-held electric fan - Bajaj Pygmy Mini 11cm (opens new window)
- Geek Aire GF1 - 4 Inch (opens new window)
Food-safe unglazed clay / brass / stone cookware - Is it safe to cook in clay pots? (opens new window)
- Heavy Metals in Contaminated Soils (opens new window)
Food-safe Copper / unglazed clay pot for drinking water - SenSafe Water Metals Check (opens new window)
Oximeter - AccuSure FS10C (opens new window)
Digital thermometer - Dr. Odin MT101 (opens new window)
- Carent Infrared JPD-FR202 (opens new window)

# Some medicinal plants to be locally identified (in India), if possible, or nurtured at home:

Plants Resources / Links
Adathoda / Vasaka / Malabur nut / Adhatoda vasica (opens new window) Wikipedia (opens new window)
Tulasi / Holy basil / Ocimum tenuiflorum (opens new window) Wikipedia (opens new window)
Parijata / Pavizhamalli / Pavazha Malligai / Harsringar / Night jasmine / Nyctanthus arbor-tristis (opens new window) Wikipedia (opens new window)
Bermuda grass / Dhruva grass / Durva / Karuka Pullu / Cynodon dactylon (opens new window) Wikipedia (opens new window)
Giloy / Amrutavalli / Guduchi / Tinospora cordifolia (opens new window) Wikipedia (opens new window)
Bael / Bilva / Koovalam /Bengal quince / Stone apple / Wood apple / Aegle Marmelos (opens new window) Wikipedia (opens new window)
Neem / Azadirachta indica (opens new window) Wikipedia (opens new window)
Poonga / Karanja / Karum / Indian beech / Pongamia pinnata (opens new window) Wikipedia (opens new window)
Peepal / Sacred fig / Ficus religiosa (opens new window) Wikipedia (opens new window)

# Ayurvedic Medicines, from a trusted pharmacy: (opens new window)

Derived from AYUSH recommendations and Dr. Swapna Reddy's prescription.

Medicines Resources / Links
Ayush Kwath Choorna - Kottakkal AVS (opens new window)
- Kottakkal AVS C-Health Granules (opens new window)
- Baidyanath (opens new window)
Patanjali Divya Coronil kit - 1mg (opens new window)
- Patanjali Ayurved (opens new window)
AYUSH64 - FAQs (opens new window)
- SriSri Tattva (opens new window)
- Basic Ayurveda (opens new window)
Halin drops* - Nagarjuna (opens new window)
Ashwagandhaadi Choorna - Kottakkal AVS (opens new window)
- SriSri Tattva (opens new window)
- Baidyanath (opens new window)
Patanjali Dasanga Dhoopam* - Patanjali Ayurved (opens new window)
Mahasudarshana Choornam 100 g* - Baidyanath (opens new window)
Guduchi / Giloy Satva 50 g* - Baidyanath (opens new window)
Guduchi / Giloy Ghanavati (Pack of 2) - Baidyanath (opens new window)
- Baidyanath (opens new window) (Alternative product)
Rasayana Choorna - Ayurvedic Healthcare (opens new window)
- DivyaHerb (opens new window)
Godanti Bhasma 10 g* - Baidyanath (opens new window)
Triphala Choornam* - Baidyanath (opens new window)
Seer Secrets Ayurvedic Breathe Easy Potli - SeerSecrets (opens new window)
  • Dr. Swapna Reddy's prescription

# Herbal Teas:

Tea Resources / Links
Organic green tea leaves - 7 Advices That You Must Listen (opens new window)
Hunza tea (Dr. BRC, N.I.C.E.) - biswaroop.com (opens new window)
Qing Fei Pai Du Tang (TCM) - Greenlike Chinese Herbal Formula ClearLungs (opens new window)
- QFPDT Veggie Capsules (opens new window)
- QFPDT Basic Formula Granules (opens new window)
Liquorice tea - Kerala Naturals (opens new window)
- Sache (opens new window)
Ginseng tea - Amaara Herbs (opens new window)
- iHerb (opens new window)
Nettle leaf tea - The Indian Chai (opens new window)
Dandelion tea - Valuelife (opens new window)
Pine needle tea - The Tea Trove (opens new window)
- Potential Antidote for Transmission of Spike Protein (opens new window)

# Medicinal / health food ingredients from grocery store:

Ingredients Resources / Links
Ginger, raw + dried
Organic raw honey Thaen (opens new window)
Star anise
Edible camphor
Garlic, raw
Corriander seeds
Millets (Foxtail, Kodo, Little, Barnyard, Finger millets etc.)
Sun-dried Shiitake mushrooms - Chennai Grocers (opens new window)
- Urban Platter (opens new window)
Turmeric, organic powder & Raw root
Unrefined, non-iodized salt
Eucalyptus oil
Clove / Lavang
Ajwain / Carom seeds
Fenugreek seeds
Black cumin / Nigella sativa

# Siddha medicines from native medicine store:

Note: AYUSH Guidelines (opens new window) for Siddha Practitioners for Covid-19

Siddha Medicines Resources / Links
Nilavembu Kudineer - IshaLife (opens new window)
Kapasoora Kudineer - Killi Herbs (opens new window)
Other Non-Prescriptions - NetMeds (opens new window)
Medicines Resources / Links
Vitamin A - Best Multivitamin Tablets In India (opens new window)
- 7 Best Places to Buy Vitamins Online (opens new window)
- Dr. Zelenko's Z-Stack Vitamin Cocktail (opens new window)
Selenium - HealthyHey Nutrition (opens new window)
- 10 Best Selenium Supplements (opens new window)
Oral Vitamin C 500 mg or 1000 mg - Fast&Up (opens new window)
- Limcee (opens new window)
- How to find the best Vitamin C supplement (opens new window)
Vitamin D3 with K2 - Himalayan Organics (opens new window)
NAC - Zenith Nutrition (opens new window)
Probiotics (Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus) - Naturenetics (opens new window)
- 6 Best Probiotics (opens new window)
Liposomal Glutathione 250 mg - Zenith Nutrition (opens new window)
- 10 Best Glutathione Tablets in India (opens new window)
EGCg 400 mg - NOW Supplements (opens new window)
Elemental Zinc 50mg / Zinc Sulfate 220mg - WonderLabs (opens new window)
Quercetin 500 mg - MoxyVites (opens new window)
- 10 Best Quercetin Supplements (opens new window)
- Also on iHerb (opens new window)
The Zelenko Protocol Supplements - dose + remedy (opens new window): Contains Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamins B-complex, Zinc, Quercetin 500 mg, Bromelain, Echinacea (Green chiretta)
- ZenRenu Immunity (opens new window): Contains Quercetin 700mg, Zinc 33mg, Vitamin C 400mg, Vitamin D 5000iu, Curcumin 200mg, Bioperine 10mg
West-Coast Immuneed Original - Healthvit (opens new window)
- Original Advert:
1. Nutritional support for the Immune System:

Immuneed provides a comprehensive formula for the immune system, with effective levels of Antioxidants. Vitamin C and E circulate in the body to help protect against the damage caused by free radicals. Other nutrients such as Betacarotene protect DNA and cells from within.

2. Immuneed helps safeguard nutrients required for:
• The short term- to help maintain the immune resistance. It also helps replace the vitamin C lost during colds.
• The long term- to improve the body’s long term protection.

3. Immuneed original formula:
- One-a-day vitamin and mineral tablets with Amino acid.
- Immuneed provides vital minerals such as Zinc and Selenium which are co-factors in 300 of the body’s antioxidants enzymes. Superoxide dismutase (SOD), Catalase & Glutathione peroxidase (GShpx). These eliminate harmful chemicals., including free radicals & Peroxides.
- Effective Antioxidants for the Immune system, to help promote healthy immune resistance & long term cell protection: Vitamin D3, C, E, Selenium & Zinc, Betacarotene, Bioflavonoids, Minerals
Ivermectin, human-grade, 3 mg, 12-20 nos. Find a Doctor who will prescribe this OTP early treatment medication online:
- US Directory (opens new window)
- Global Directory (opens new window)
HCQ 200 mg tablets, 16 nos. Find a Doctor who will prescribe this OTP early treatment medication online:
- US Directory (opens new window)
- Global Directory (opens new window)
Melatonin 5 mg - Nature's Bounty (opens new window)
- 10 Best Melatonin Gummies (opens new window)
Aspirin (ASA) 325 mg - Amazon BasicCare (opens new window)

# Misc. health products:

Medicines Resources / Links
Milk kefir or grains for culturing - Kefirwala Srihari, Bangalore (Ph: +91 8884728555)
Good raw, organic, native cow milk, if possible
Rock / black salt - Saindhava Lavana (Sendha Namak) / Rock Salt: Benefits, Usage in Ayurveda, Side Effects (opens new window)
MMS Solution (homemade) - How to make MMS: Jim Humble (opens new window)
Lactase enzyme (for lactose intolerance) - Bioven Lactase Enzyme Drops (opens new window)
Chlorine dioxide effervescent tablets - Erao Biotech (opens new window)
Japanese Natto or Nattomoto - DesertCart (opens new window)
- Baoheng Biology (opens new window)
Nattokinase - Doctor's Best (opens new window)
Nutritional Yeast - Urban Platter (opens new window)
Nori / Purple laver (dried) - Amazon (opens new window)

# General precautions of supporting immunity and prophylaxing

  1. Foster and promote the body's healing functions through Intermittent Fasting (IF), i.e., consume the main meals between 9-10 AM and 5-6 PM, an 8-hour duration.

  2. Try to strictly follow a largely vegetarian and naturopathic diet, by minimizing the consumption of dairy, meat, fish and other animal products. Pure, organic ghee from native cows is an exception as it is healthy and a recommended source of fat in Ayurveda. In fact, it is preferred to use such ghee for cooking. Another healthy exception is organic, if possible, raw milk kefir from a trusted source of raw milk. Eggs too, though cited as an excellent source of many essential amino acids, should be consumed in moderation and it is best to source from an organic farm. It is also advisable to minimize the consumption of plant oils. Hemp seed oil and flax seed oil, however, can be consumed in small doses as medicine for their high nutritional value as they are considered good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

  3. Strictly consume an anti-inflammatory and alkalizing (or alkaline) diet by abstaining from processed or manufactured food products completely or as much as possible, and choosing instead organic whole grains and whole grain flours. Abstain from refined food products like white sugar, refined / iodized salt, and all artificial chemical food additives like preservatives, flavours and taste or texture enhancing ingredients like emulsifiers and leavening / raising agents. Use Himalayan rock salt / black salt / Induppu / Sendha Namak / Saindhava Lavana for cooking. Use ghee instead of plant oils for cooking, but in moderation. The linkage of alkalizing diet to overall health and inflammation is not yet well established in the scientific literature, and is frequently dismissed in conventional medical literature. However this is the theory that is cited as being the foundation of natural medicine, and the basis of the highly effective naturopathic therapies for all inflammatory conditions, including cancer.

  4. It is recommended in naturopathy to use enema and nasal washes to cleanse the system periodically, and when the need is felt, such as when there is a tendency to constipation. As with the theory of alkaline diet and blood pH being a sufficient marker of good health and potential for any disease, there is not much scientific evidence for the utility of enemas and nasal washes, but a great of apparent empirical evidence from the hundreds of thousands of drug-free cures effected in naturopathic treatment centres over the last few decades.

  5. Minimize the consumption of tea / coffee or completely abstain from these, as these beverages have sometimes been associated with significant increase of inflammatory markers, even though science has thus far been somewhat equivocal about their benefits.

    Instead, substitute with organic green tea (especially as prophylactic), or other herbal immune-supportive decoctions recommended by traditional and holistic medicine, if there is a need to take tea breaks. The first section on this sheet, Medicines, Herbs & Equipment to be stocked, contains links to online stores to purchase many of these products.

  6. It is preferable to use warm water boiled with Jeera or cumin seeds / Tulasi or holy basil / corriander seeds / ginger root (fresh / dried and powdered) for drinking.

  7. Avoid deep fried, broiled, grilled, baked foods in favour of cooking methods- like steaming- that retain the nutritive value of food as much as possible. Boiling depletes the nutritive value of food, and especially of the water-soluble vitamins like immune-supportive vitamin C, significantly more than steaming, as the latter method uses very little water. If boiling is the cooking method used, then it is still possible to retain most nutrients (that are not degraded by the heat) by not discarding any of the water used in boiling. Omega-3 fatty acids are oily nutrients that are, understandably, better retained in boiling than in deep frying. The cooking method that retains the most nutrients, and especially immune-supportive vitamin C, is steaming.

    Another variable that affects nutrient loss is cooking time. Cooking methods like broiling, grilling, roasting and baking cause greater depletion of many nutrients than steaming, due to the longer cooking times. Stir-frying and sauteeing are good cooking methods too, if cooking times are short. However, a few foods like onions, peas and beans are found to be more nutritive (in availability of flavonols) when cooked. Peas and beans can best be cooked by soaking in saline water and being boiled in fresh water, as this is found to decrease their cooking time.

  8. Use traditional mud or brass or stone vessels for cooking, and minimize the use of aluminium and Teflon-coated vessels. Mud pots are healthful, but with the caveat that if they were not sourced from a certified and approved manufacturer (and even then, not always reliable), they may contain toxic levels of heavy metals like lead, cadmium and arsenic that are now commonly found in the soil in many places. Heavy metals constitute an ill-defined group of inorganic chemical hazards, and those most commonly found at contaminated sites are lead (Pb), chromium (Cr), arsenic (As), zinc (Zn), cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), mercury (Hg), and nickel (Ni). These toxic metals would leach into the food. Pure or natural clay pots are safer to use than glazed clay or ceramic pots, as lead used to be commonly used by ceramic makers as a flux to melt the glaze. If willing to invest in testing clay pots for food safety, there are many home test kits available for heavy metals for a few thousands of INR, which can be used to test cooked water or citric acid solutions for leached metals.

  9. Minimize exposure to EMF radiation from cellphones.

  10. Use masks only when there is a suspected risk of exposure from a symptomatic or recently recovered patient. The prolonged use of masks is in fact known to be causing a significant decline in natural immunity in the general population, leaving us more vulnerable as a populace to all infections.

  11. Do socialize with healthy people as much as possible, in order to support immunity.

  12. Try to find and make opportunities to walk barefoot on the earth regularly.

  13. Fast, drinking only water or coconut water, for 24 hours once a week. If not accustomed to fasting, the habit could be gradually created by doing a fruit fast for 24 hours to beign with.

  14. It is very important to completely avoid Paracetamol and other pharmaceutical antipyretics, antibiotics, and steroidal and non-steroidal medications while treating for early Covid symptoms at home. Fever is the body's immune response to the pathogen.

  15. It is important to start the prophylactic regimen, with suitable natural vegan / vegetarian diet and lifestyle disciplines including sunbathing and sungazing, yoga, Praanayaama, aerobic activities like running and moderate resistance training at the earliest, and to incorporate such a regimen into more everyday life hereafter. It is important to start a more aggressive prophylactic regimen as soon as possible after suspected exposure, and begin the treatment of Covid immediately after the earliest sign of symptoms, such as malaise. Though Ivermectin as a prophylactic has been mentioned in the integrative protocol below, a large number of Indian holistic practitioners avow that for the flu-like Covid-19, and even in the more severe second wave, it is sufficient to adapt the body to a naturopathic and Ayurvedic prophylactic regimen in order to maintain very good health, even after exposure, and pharmaceutical medications are best to be avoided completely. A number of highly effective preventative and curative treatments that exist for Covid in both allopathy and various systems of holistic healthcare are discussed here in subsequent sheets. The evidentiary articles, videos and other material in subsequent sheets stand ample testimony to the fact that Covid-19 is a serious infection but quite curable if treated early enough and using truly scientific and evidence-based protocols.

  16. It is important to test vitamin D3 levels in blood, as part of prophylactic care, and supplement with oral doses if necessary, to ensure that levels are sufficiently high, as there is a tight correlation found between vitamin D levels and Covid-19 mortality. An easy, effective way to maintain vitamin D levels is through through sunbathing for at least 30-45 minutes (or as long as is comfortable) in bright sunlight morning and afternoon, wearing minimal / light cotton clothing and exposing as much bare skin as convenient. Those with darker skin tones need more exposure than fairer people. Another astonishingly easy source of vitamin D is to consume sun-dried mushrooms. All edible mushroom varieties are good sourcese, but the Shitake mushroom, which offers multiple health benefits and is deemed a superfood, may be the best source, if available.

    Furthermore, it is important that vitamin D supplementation should be accompanied by supplemental intake of vitamin K2 and Magnesium. Japanese fermented boiled soybean food Natto is often cited as an excellent vegan source of vitamin K2. Cheese and eggs, and other fermented foods like Sauerkraut and Kombucha are reportedly good sources too.

  17. It is also important to maintain healthy levels of other nutrients like vitamin B12, Magnesium etc. through diet, or if necessary, supplementation. Comprehensive blood tests, like Thyrocare's competitively priced Aarogyam 1.3 package where the additional service of sample collection at home is offered, would help to assess nutritional deficiencies and any latent comorbities to be compensated during the prophylactic regimen. Here's more about prophylactic supplementation against the novel coronavirus.

  18. There is ample scientific evidence that body posture plays a significant role in lung function and health. Yoga Aasanas and Pranayama are extremely beneficial to respiratory health, and should be performed daily or several times a week with regularity. An erect sitting posture with the head and spine erect has been demonstrated to improve lung performance by about 10 percent, compared to slouched positions, and this is an important guideline to improve respiratory function in sedentary people and workers.

  19. Proactively identify and, if convenient, connect with physicians in one's locality who can provide one of the most effective, proven Covid-19 early treatment protocols available. If there is a safe and efficacious protocol you know of that has not been covered in this document, please do write and tell us about it.

  20. Investigate for ourselves the truth behind the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the financial hierarchy of control that governs our Corporations, including the Media and the Pharmaceutical industry, scientific research and regional and international political institutions all around the world, and base our cconvictions on sound analyses from observation.

    • With Drs. Vladimir Zelenko and Richard Bartlett: (opens new window) Two (of many) highly effective Covid-19 early treatment protocols that reduce CFR among high-risk patients to negligible percentages; Discussion of the authorities' and mainstream medical community's inexplicably hostile response to the revelation and publication of these highly effective protocols, and an analysis of the obvious conclusions, which remain as true today; July 30, 2020
  21. Above all, respect our own paramount right to determine what is introduced invasively into our bodies, and what therapy we and our children can be subjected to, and be willing to go to great lengths to defend that right for all of humanity.

# Notes on the present approach to creating an integrative protocol for prophylaxis and early treatment at home

The present suggested approach to early Covid care is an integrative strategy that is based in naturopathy and on the N.I.C.E. (Network of Influenza Care Experts) diet-based protocol innovated by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury's team of holistic healing experts in influenza care. The NICE protocol is now proven for efficacy in several thousands of clinical cases at NISA's Covid care centre in Pune. The N.I.C.E. team also have a helpline for providing telemedicine services to sufferers from Influenza-Like Illnesses, including Covid: +91 8587059169; www.biswaroop.com/nice (opens new window)

This integrative regimen also proposes to use nutritionist and naturopath Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury's DIP Diet Plan to reverse many latent comorbidities like diabetes, obesity, BP and cholesterol. Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should adapt the diet to their requirements with the advice of their consultant physician, as fruits and vegetables in large quantity may not be all suitable to their needs.

At the same time, this protocol acknowledges and utilizes a number of other scientifically or empirically proven approaches to prophylaxis and early treatment that have been adopted and demonstrated with millions of Covid patients around the world, in an effort to construct the simplest and most effective method to prevent and cure not only Covid and its variants, but also any other respiratory viral infection and inflammatory illness.

I. The First Basic Principle of design of this integrative therapy is that the natural dietary and lifefstyle approach to preventing Covid is seen to be quite effective as a prophylactic regimen, with very few infections among communities that are aware of and practice these principles. Therefore the naturopathic or purely dietary and lifestyle-based strategy for Covid prevention is the substrate on which this integrative strategy is constructed. There are naturopathic techniques that have been demonstrated by practising naturopaths to alleviate even the most advanced symptoms of Covid-19, such as the critical symptoms of the pulmonary phase, without recourse to conventional pharmaceutical remedies. Moreover, it has been demonstrated with a practically zero Case Fatality Rate among tens or hundreds of thousands of patients across India and also worldwide that when they seek recourse to naturopathic treatment in the early stages of Covid-19 infection, they typically do not progress to the advanced or severe stages of the illness, perhaps due to the effective control of inflammation through diet, rest, breathing exercises, anti-inflammatory herbs, nutraceuticals and sunbathing early in the progression of the disease.

II. Second Basic Principle: It is now globally empirically proven there are very powerful and well proven, commonly available herbal recipes, from both nutritional science and indigenous medicine, that are highly effective in the management of Covid. These medicines can be superimposed on a naturopathic diet to create an even stronger prophylactic and treatment protocol. However, it must be noted that most qualified dietitians recommend getting nutrients from whole foods rather than supplements whenever possible, and therefore all interventive remedies must be relegated to a lower priority, and especially in maintenance of health and prevention of disease, than achieving an optimal diet, lifestyle and therapeutic nutrition through food. - Let thy food be thy medicine….when possible; Witkamp & Norren; ScienceDirect; Oct 5, 2018 (opens new window)

III. Third Principle: Homeopathic medication is, in general, nontoxifying as the active pharmacological ingredients are ingested only in negligible, practically undiscernable amounts. The changes they induce in the body are the body's own appropriate responses to carefully calibrated stimuli introduced into that individual's physiological context. For this reason, the ingredients themselves do not produce toxicity, but they can be highly potent in their stimulative effect on the body. Homeopathic medications should be consumed away from food, and away from any other herbal or pharmaceutical medicines. During the Covid pandemic, the very high efficacy of homeopathic prophylaxing and treatment of Covid were amply evident through empirical observation of the millions of Indians who relied on homeopathic medicine to protect against infection during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

IV. Fourth Principle: The naturopathic approach to prophylaxis and early treatment, nutritional science, the homeopathic approach and the strategy of using commonly available or age-old traditional herbal remedies with local medicinal plants or kitchen spices are all mutually compatible approaches that can be used together to combine their efficacy. Drug interactions are likelier with the allopathic protocols that have proven extremely efficacious with Covid-19, and which have been discussed as well in this document. Therefore a few of the safest and most generic holistic and natural approaches, that have been shown to be in themselves quite potent, have been combined for added efficacy in early treatment.

V. Fifth Principle: In the event of the combined potencies or efficacies of all these evidence-based, holistic protocols being insufficient, there are then also very effective and inexpensive, commonly available conventional pharmaceutical solutions like the Zelenko, I-MASK+, Budesonide, Fleming or 8th Day Therapy protocols that would further enhance and strengthen available treatment options.

VI. Sixth Principle: The recommended holistic diet for prophylaxing should be adapted to individual needs. For example, patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should adapt the diet to their requirements with the advice of their consultant physician or through their own study, as fruits and vegetables in lagre quantity may not be always suited to their health. Furthermore, patients using prescription medications like blood thinners may consult with their physicians about using herbal supplements. - Kidney-Friendly Fruits and Vegetables (opens new window) -Top 15 Healthy Foods for People with Kidney Disease (opens new window)

VII. Seventh Principle: An important principle of design of this integrative approach is that its lifestyle and dietary recmomendations might be reused to address most illnesses, and in particular, viral and respiratory illnesses. We appear to be moving into an age in which, as several experts have predicted, there are likely to be many more epidemic infectious diseases, more severe influenza seasons and new pathogens, especially circulating in the crowded cities. It is necessary to be armed with hope and with knowledge of dietary, lifestyle and therapeutic protocols that would empower us to protect ourselves and our own.